Carrying to term Miscarriage

3 Reasons Why You Can Miscarry: Not Just Genes

Did I really lose my baby because of genetic defect?

If a pregnancy ends without the heartbeat of the fetus ever being detected, it is most certainly due to choromosomal abnormality – Both allopathic doctors and Eastern holistic doctors agree on this.

What about the cases in which the fetal heartbeat, strongly appreciated at around 8 weeks, disappears later?

Some of these can be due to genetic defects, too, but a surprising number of them are lost due to poor maternal blood circulation, says kampo.


Each of us probably knows a woman or two who lost a pregnancy after going through stressful events in life.

Stress activates our fight-or-flight system (sympathetic nervous system), mobilizing our body’s resources to face the threat, the stressor. In this state, our body is no longer prioritizing nurturing the precious new life inside.

A 2017 study has found that psychological stress is harmful to women in early pregnancy. Another study shows how spontaneous miscarriages can be explained by stress. And yet another series of studies has shown that cortisol suppresses progesterone, which is necessary for maintaining a pregnancy.

It is a mystery why so many Ob/Gyns still tell you that “stress can’t cause miscarriage,” except to console mothers who lost their babies.

Intense Exercise

Intense workout attracts blood circulation away from the uterus to the parts of the body that are being exercised, in addition to causing oxidative stress. In my previous article, I cited a study showing how oxidative stress can cause premature aging of placenta, increasing the risk of miscarriage. That is why kampo practitioners advise only gentle exercise such as walking and mild yoga to pregnant women.

Work / Travel

A study has shown an association between physically demanding work during pregnancy and an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Another study demonstrated that women standing for more than 8 hours a day at work had an increased chance of spontaneous abortion compared to those standing for 3 hours per day.

Kampo practitioners similarly advise against strenuous work, including mentally challenging work, for pregnant women.

While less documented, travel, especially long-distance and international travel, places a heavy burden on your body whether or not you can feel it yourself. Kampo practitioners advise against long-distance travel during pregnancy, especially if you are expecting at an advanced age.

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