One Drug You Should Run Away From: How Lupron Ruined My Life

Hormonal Disaster After Miscarriage

After my miscarriage, my hormones went haywire. My periods were irregular (they had always been regular, even when I was struggling to conceive my first), and I felt fibrous lumps in my breast. I suspected I had estrogen dominance.

I waited to see if my hormones could re-balance themselves over time. 6 months after my loss, when I turned 41, I finally went to see a fertility specialist.

Hysteroscopy, Lupron, No Explanation From The Doctor

The doctor suggested a hysteroscopy to make sure there was no adhesion due to D&C. One month prior to the procedure, I would have to take a dose of Lupron.

She did not explain to me what Lupron does or what side effects it may have. Yet I blindly agreed. At the time, I was devastated and confused, and I thought it was the only constructive way forward.

Going with this advice, in retrospect, was a huge mistake. I could have just googled what Lupron does. If I had, I wouldn’t have gone into this.

Life Turned Into Nightmare

After that injection, I couldn’t sleep at all, and sweated like waterfall day and night. I was depressed, and my relationship with my husband suffered.

But now that the 1-month dose of Lupron in my system, there was nothing I could do. I just impatiently waited for the day of hysteroscopy.

Another Dose of Lupron!?

After the hysteroscopy, the doctor told me that I had early endometriosis (So I was probably right in thinking I had estrogen dominance).

And then the worst thing imaginable happened. She prescribed another dose of Lupron to resolve my endometriosis!

Reaction Out of Fear: Couldn’t Say No

I did not want it, of course. But at the time, I was driven by fear. I felt that I had to follow the doctor’s advice or my chance of conceiving again might go down to nil.

Another month of insomnia and night sweats followed.

Now I want to beat myself up for accepting not just the 1st, but also the 2nd dose of Lupron. Looking back, it was irrational.

And the worst thing was that, the effects of Lupron continued well beyond the 2 months I was supposed to be on it.

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